Mytholadies - Trailer

Mytholadies - Trailer
Welcome to the Mytholadies Podcast—a podcast about women in mythology and folklore around the world. Our first episode is out on September 21st!
Lizzie:Hello! Welcome to the Mytholadies podcast, a podcast about women in mythology and folklore around the world.
Zoe:We’re two friends who are fascinated by mythology, particularly the stories about devious and sincere, selfless and selfish, beautiful and monstrous women that have been passed down for thousands of years.
Lizzie:Each week, one of us will research a legendary lady and present our findings to the other - who has no idea what to expect!
Zoe:We’ll be looking at the story itself-
Lizzie:The culture surrounding the development of the myth-
Zoe:And the greater, deeper message behind the legend.
Lizzie:And the first week of every month, we will explore greater themes that can be found within or across mythologies such as women of the underworld or mother goddesses.
Zoe:We’re your hosts,
Lizzie:I’m Lizzie!
Zoe:I’m Zoe.
Lizzie:You can follow us on twitter and instagram @ mytholadies, and find us on our website at!
Zoe:Our first episode will be out on September 21st, and we will update with a new episode every Monday!
Lizzie:Be sure to subscribe, follow us, and tell all your friends!
Zoe:See you soon!