About the Podcast

Mytholadies is a biweekly podcast about women in mythology and folklore. From goddesses and warriors to sorceresses and monsters; women in mythology are fascinating, yet their stories are often overlooked! On the Mytholadies podcast, we aim to fix this by spotlighting the legendary deeds of women in mythology and folklore all over the world.

We update every other Monday at 6am EST / 12pm CEST. We take turns researching a legendary lady and report our findings to the other person, who has no idea what to expect. On the first Monday of every other month, we release a themed episode where we discuss several ladies under a common theme.

Our cover art is by Helena Cailleaux. You can find her and more of her work on Instagram @helena.cailleaux.illustratrice. Our theme song was composed and performed by Icarus Tyree. To hear more of their music, check out icarust.bandcamp.com.

About the Hosts

Lizzie and Zoe are two friends with a common passion for mythology and folklore!

Elizabeth ("Lizzie") LaCroix (she/her) graduated with a degree in linguistics, which is why she always tries to incorporate linguistics into episodes. She loves evil mythological ladies and fairy tales and currently lives in the Netherlands.

Zoe Koeninger (they/them) is a student of theater studies and Russian literature. They enjoy epics and sagas and love horror stories.