Themed Episode Episodes

Nov. 7, 2022

67. Winter Goddesses (Themed Episode #14)

In this episode, we discuss figures associated with winter from several different cultures. We discuss Skaði from Norse mythology, Nane Sarma from Iranian folklore, Poli'ahu from Hawaiian mythology, Marzanna from Slavic folklore, Hine-takurua from Māori mythology, and Snegurochka from Slavic …

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Sept. 12, 2022

63. Witches (Themed Episode #13)

In today's Halloween-themed episode, we welcome the spooky season by discussing a few witches from mythology and folklore. We first discuss the antisemitic origins of the popular depiction of the witch. Then, we talk about Black Annis from English folklore, …

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July 4, 2022

59. Women of the Trojan War (Themed Episode #12)

In today's episode, we discuss several of the women involved in the Trojan War from Greek mythology. We talk about Iphigenia, Chryseis, Briseis, Penthesilea, Polyxena, Hecuba, and Andromache.

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May 9, 2022

55. Moon Goddesses (Themed Episode #11)

In today's episode themed episode, we discuss moon goddesses from different cultures around the world. We talk about the Maya Moon Goddess, Selene (Greek mythology), Mayari (Filipino mythology), Coyolxāuhqui (Aztec mythology), Huitaca (Muisca mythology), Kuutar (Finnish mythology), and Mama Killa …

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Jan. 17, 2022

47. Hearth Goddesses (Themed Episode #10)

For our first themed episode of 2022, we look at goddesses of the hearth from around the world. We discuss Gabija from Lithuanian mythology, 조왕신 (Jowangsin) from Korean mythology, Kamui Fuchi from Ainu mythology, Chantico from Aztec mythology, Emoinu from …

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Nov. 8, 2021

42. Crones (Themed Episode #9)

In this early winter episode, we discuss the archetype of the old crone, as well as several crones in mythology and folklore. We talk about Elli from Norse Mythology, Cailleach Béara from Celtic mythology, Kikimora from Slavic folklore, Frau Holle …

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Sept. 13, 2021

38. Yōkai (Themed Episode #8)

In our eighth themed episode, we talk about the supernatural Japanese creatures and phenomena known as yōkai. We discuss eight different yōkai ladies (or types of yōkai ladies), including Kuchisake-onna, Nikusui, Ubume, Jorōg...

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July 5, 2021

33. Mermaids (Themed Episode #7)

In today's episode, we discuss mermaid legends from around the world. We discuss La Sirena Chilota (Chilote), Suvannamaccha (Thailand/Cambodia), Sirena (Philippines), Merrows (Ireland), Lumpeguin (Wabanaki), Nibiinaabe (Anish...

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May 10, 2021

29. Celtic Faeries (Themed Episode #6)

In our sixth themed episode, we talk about faerie ladies from five out of the six Celtic Nations! We discuss whether or not faeries and humans can ever live together, Christian-influenced morality, and how beliefs in faeries ...

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Feb. 1, 2021

20. Love Goddesses (Themed Episode #5)

In our fifth themed episode, we talk about love goddesses! We discuss Astghik from Armenian mythology, Turan from Etruscan mythology, Prende from Albanian mythology, Xochiquetzal from Aztec mythology, Cliodhna from Irish myth...

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Jan. 4, 2021

16. Fortune Goddesses (Themed Episode #4)

In our 4th themed episode, we discuss an array of fortune, fate, and luck goddesses. We talk about the different ways fate and luck are viewed through different cultures, the common theme of groups of three, and a surprising ...

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Dec. 7, 2020

12. Sun Goddesses (Themed Episode #3)

In our third themed episode, we talk about sun goddesses! For more information about today's episode, go to . Our cover art is by Helena Cailleaux. You can find her and more of her work on Instagram @helena.c...

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Nov. 2, 2020

7. Vampiric Women (Themed Episode #2)

In our second themed episode, we discuss vampiric women from mythology and folklore. We discuss the ways in which vampire legends have been used to vilify women and other oppressed groups, how history and trauma shapes vampir...

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Oct. 5, 2020

3. Women of the Underworld (Themed Episode #1)

A concept of the underworld is universal across mythologies. But what sort of women rule or journey to the underworld? We talk about Māori goddesses, an Aztec lady of the dead, and more! For more information about today's epi...

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