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Love these ladies!

If you are looking for a great podcast about mythology from around the world this podcast is for you! This podcast is very well researched and well done. Give it a listen and prepare to get hooked!


This podcast is extremely well-researched and thoughtfully discussed. A great find for any mythology or folk enthusiast.

Great find!

In search for podcasts about the Arthurian legend I came across this one with their Lady of the Lake episode. I’m super glad I stumbled upon this podcast because it’s on a subject that I find to be fascinating and I don’t see a lot of people focusing on it. These two ladies carry nice research and discussions. I’m excited to learn more from them.

Loved the connections and divergences

I loved this first themed podcast about women in the underworld. Each story had fascinating details, and Zoe and Lizzie also drew some interesting connections.


Was looking for a podcast about Inanna after reading some confusing primary texts in class and this helped a lot to explain the themes and connections to other myths. Thanks ladies!

So interesting!

I learned so much from this podcast and I’m looking forward to the next one!


Such an interesting genre to learn about-storytelling at its finest!!