29. Celtic Faeries (Themed Episode #6)

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In our sixth themed episode, we talk about faerie ladies from five out of the six Celtic Nations! We discuss whether or not faeries and humans can ever live together, Christian-influenced morality, and how beliefs in faeries have changed over time. We discuss Margot la Fée from Brittany, Joan the Wad from Cornwall, Nicnevin from Scotland, Aibell from Ireland, and the Lady of Llyn y Fan Fach from Wales.

For more information about today's episode, go to mytholadies.com.  

Our cover art is by Helena Cailleaux. You can find her and more of her work on Instagram @helena.cailleaux.illustratrice. Our theme song was composed and performed by Icarus Tyree. To hear more of their music, check out icarust.bandcamp.com.