24. The Persecuted Heroine (feat. Hailey Spencer)

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Today's episode features our very first guest star as we learn about the heroine of ATU tale type 510A, most commonly known as Cinderella. We roast the Grimm brothers, fangirl over Baba Yaga, and ponder how so many different cultures can have such similar story.

To learn more about Hailey Spencer and read more of her work, go to haileyspencerwrites.com.

For more information about today's episode, go to mytholadies.com.  Our cover art is by Helena Cailleaux.  You can find her and more of her work on Instagram @helena.cailleaux.illustratrice. Our theme song was  composed and performed by Icarus Tyree. To hear more of their music, check out icarust.bandcamp.com.