39. Maman Brigitte (Haitian Vodou)

39. Maman Brigitte (Haitian Vodou)

In today's episode, we talk about the Haitian loa known as Maman Brigitte. We discuss conceptions of the afterlife, the ways in which figures change and adapt after being syncretized into a new religion, and the ways in which we view death. Trigger warning for discussions of slavery.

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Header image: Beyoncé’s homage to Maman Brigitte in the Formation music video, 2016.



Warriors, Witches, Womenby Kate Hodges

Les Grands Dieux du Vodou Haïtien by Émile Marcelin and A. Métraux

Maman Brigitte, Loa of the Dead in Voodoo Religion by Patti Wigington

EXIT LAUGHING: Death and Laughter in Los Angeles and Port-Au-Prince by Donald J. Cosentino